Our Programmes
Border Dispute Settlement
  • Conduct research on border disputes
  • Provide logistical and administrative support to BDS efforts
  • Provide technical support to BDS efforts
  • Provide facilitation and mediation support to BDS efforts
  • Treaty preparation
Border Security and Management
  • Conduct research on border security and management
  • Undertake threat and risk assessment of African borders
  • Offer training in border management
  • Advise governments on enhancing border management
  • Design strategies on border security/management
Cross-Border Cooperation
  • Assist in improving livelihoods of border communities
  • Assist in promoting and maintaining soft borders
  • Conduct research on cross-border cooperation
  • Trans-boundary resources management (resource mapping, designing strategies on use and management, negotiation and treaty preparation
Boundary Delimitation, Demarcation & Maintenance
  • Recover historical records
  • Surveying and mapping
  • Sensitization campaigns
  • Demarcation
  • Treaty preparation